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We take great pride in our abilities as web designers and advertisers. But with our industry in particular, we’re convinced it really is not so much what you can do but how you do it that really matters. Culture is everything, which is why our greatest pride and distinction will always be the way in which we operate -- a relentlessly proactive, consultative and thorough approach from start to finish.

Internet marketing and web design/development need to work together in close proximity. It's not much different from a real estate agent selling a home -- The agent can work relentlessly to attract prospective homebuyers but won’t succeed unless the house is in pristine shape. On the flip side, the agent can’t sell the home if she’s unable to engage prospective homebuyers.

Every project begins with getting into the mind of your target audience and creating a funnel in which to lead them to convert (and hopefully repeat business). To really make this work requires a mix of business, technical, writing and creative skill-set. This is our craft.

"It was amazing to have Delbert at Longview Sources give a fresh look at my business and respond with constructive recommendations. He was involved from beginning to end in a way that I was very comfortable with. I have all the confidence that he'd do a great job for anyone because it's simply who he is."

-Jeanette Lee "The Black Widow"



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